Garage sale heaven!

I have never been one to be very good at garage saling. I never seem to find anything that I can’t live without in someone else’s treasure trove of junk. Now that I have taken up this furniture painting gig, I have a new lease on this garage sale life!  Today, I went out with my mom and 5 kiddos in tow to the “big” golf community garage sale. I like to be able to get out and schlep around for a bit instead of park at one then driving 4 blocks and parking again.  This community is the perfect place for that!  What a fun morning we had!  It’s always better to go with fun people – and the more fun you are, the more fun the garage sale host will be!  And vise versa. My mom and I are like a 2 woman comedy act when we host!  Life is too short to be dull and cranky!

We had a few particular things in mind today. Inexpensive but cute solid wood furniture, kids golf clubs, and a bike. We were nearly a total success!  We managed to carry 2 end tables, a plant stand, a set of golf clubs plus other miscellaneous items we picked up in my odyssey in addition to the 7 human bodies we were towing!  We almost added a free dirt bike that was being offered too, but hanged our mind. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to fit the additional 2 solid oak heavy duty end tables that my mom purchased (for a total of $10 – what???)  my take was less than $70! Three tables for a total of $20?!!  Garage sales are the best!!

One big tip if you want to get into refinishing furniture – no matter how cute it is, the more you spend, the more you will have to sell it for if you want to make any kind of a profit at all. If it’s something you want to keep, it’s worth investing a little bit more cash but just make sure it’s sturdy and solid wool.   Purchasing a table for $5 is a no brainer!  $25-40 is usually the sweet spot for reselling so that’s not too shabby for a profit!  Especially if you’re trying new things and having fun. What a success today was!  

Needless to say, I have many projects to bring to you over the next few weeks!  This includes a great hutch that I will be painting for my friend Cindy. That will be a fun and colorful piece that I can’t wait to get started on!  

Here are a few of my upcoming works in progress! When you look for items, the more bumps and grooves and curves and edges means more area to add character to when you begin your distressing!  AND, when there is a knob, invision the colors you want and then head over to Hobby Lobby for their bi-weekly knob sale.  A new fun and funky knob can add so much jazz to a table!

Such a wonderful morning!!  Kiddos I love, my mom, and a gorgeous sunny day!  Life is good!!

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