All about Shannon

I am Shannon.  A mid forty-something married mom of two.  I had always loved English and writing classes in high school (I was a published poet when I was about 12 – ok, so it was a Shriner publication and a poem I had written to my dad, but still!)  Much to my surprise, I ended up in healthcare.  I graduated from radiology school when I was 21 and had a pretty amazing 22 year career in x-ray and CT.  I had no idea when I was 18 and applied for school what a great job it would end up being when I became a mom.  I met a wonderful man who convinced me to move from Iowa halfway across the country to Washington state.  We spent a fabulous year there and then moved to CO, got married, and started our family.

After our daughter was born, I left my cushy clinic job and took a weekend package position.  I worked overnights on Friday and Saturday by myself and was home with my kiddos the entire week!  It was truly the best of both worlds.  It wasn’t always easy – you see some pretty crazy stuff come into the ER in the middle of the night on a weekend – especially when the county jail is in your little town, but I did it and lived to talk about it! (and laugh at some pretty crazy stories!)

Fast forward to today.  We’ve been living back in Iowa for almost 9 years.  With the exception of a few years of working a normal full-time job, Jason and I have always had kind of unconventional hours.  I feel very fortunate for that.  I feel even more fortunate that I’ve had the opportunity to stay home full-time these past few years.  Our kids are getting older and becoming much more independent, but they definitely still need me around!  My job titles now are personal chef and shopper, house keeper, event coordinator, gardener, and much more!  And to that list, I add furniture repurposer and now blogger!  I am excited for this new chapter!